Hydrant Flushing

The Collingswood Water Department will conduct hydrant flushing from April 22 to May 1, 2019.

Collingswood periodically conducts hydrant flushing in the Borough. Water main flushing is designed to remove natural minerals like iron and calcium that sometimes collect in the bottom of water mains. This operation may cause a temporary discoloration in your water supply. By allowing your water to run for a short period of time, the problem should clear itself. Please be assured, although the water may be discolored, it is safe for human use.
If discoloration persists for a period of time call the Water Department at 856-854-2332.
For more information see the Water Department page here.

Dates and areas for hydrant flushing:
4/22: Hillcrest Ave through Madison Ave / Colford Ave to the White Horse Pike and Park Ave from Collings Ave to Route 130

4/23: Madison Ave through Woodlawn Ave / Browning Rd through Richey Ave

4/24: Woodlawn Ave through Lincoln Ave / Richey Ave through Champion Ave

4/25: Lincoln Ave through Fern Ave / Haddon Township extension

4/29: Haddon Ave and W. Stiles Ave through Cuthbert Blvd / N. Atlantic Ave through Park Ave

4/30: E. Summerfield Ave through Browning Rd / Stokes Ave through Linwood Ave

5/1: Franklin Ave through Pacific and Bellevue Aves / Belmont Ave through Lakeshore Dr

Note: Certain areas may be affected more than others and discoloration may go beyond the listed areas.