Collingswood, New Jersey

Restaurant Weeks

2017 Restaurant Weeks:

Chef's Favorites: March 26-31
Farm to Fork:  July 23-28
October 22-27

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South Jersey's "Restaurant Row" hosts "Chef's Favorites" Restaurant Week, March 26-31!

"Chef's Favorites" Restaurant Week Offers Chefs Favorite Dishes
Ever wonder what a chef's favorite meal is?

If it was going to happen anywhere, it would happen in Collingswood. This small town boasts 31 restaurants and a downtown so trendsetting in culinary happenings that its main street has been dubbed "Restaurant Row."  Now it has turned its winter Restaurant Week into a personal showcase of its chefs' favorite dishes.

Demonstrating the culinary inventiveness that has made this town a dining destination, Collingswood chefs have themed their Restaurant Week "Chefs Favorites" and will create multi-course menus of dishes that they love best. "Chef's Favorites" Restaurant Week Sunday, March 26 through Friday, March 31 at the town's participating restaurants. Participating restaurants and their restaurant week menus can be seen at

"I'm difficult to please so if I love it, my guests usually love it," explains Chef Jim Marino of Bistro Di Marino. "It's a great concept," add Chef Mark Smith of The Tortilla Press. "I find customers love our Chef's Table events, where the chef gets to choose the menu for the evening. You get to move out of your comfort zone a little, try something different."

Since all of Collingswood's restaurants are independently owned, "Chefs Favorites" Restaurant Week gives guests a view inside the personal culinary favorites of each of the town's chefs. Eleven different restaurants will offer intimate favorites of Italian, Mexican, American, Indian and other ethnic cuisines.

Participating restaurants will offer special prix fix menus that highlight their specialties at discounted prices designed to make diners ignore winter weather and venture to this creative town's many dining hot spots.  "I've never been asked to put a menu together of dishes that I personally love," says Chef Nunzio of Nunzio Ristorante Rustico. "How could say no to that?"

Collingswood's Winter Restaurant Week is March 26-31. Guests should RSVP to participating restaurants directly. Reservations are limited. For participating restaurants and menus see below.

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Devil's Creek Brewery will be open during Restaurant Week on Sunday, 3/26 from 1pm to 6pm, Thursday, 3/30 and Friday, 3/31 from 5pm to 10pm. Customers participating in Restaurant Week can show their lunch or dinner reservations to our staff and receive $2.00 off a 32-oz. or 64-oz. growler fill.

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Prix fixe (a multi-course meal with a set price) menus and restaurant information is available on the Restaurant Week page below. Individual eateries determine prices and number of courses. Make reservations early - space is limited. Prix fixe menus for each event posted below as menus send us their specials. See why Collingswood was named one of the best places for foodies here!

March 26-31 Restaurant Week Participants to date:

Tortilla Press
Nunzio Ristorante Rustico
Villa Barone
El Sitio
That's Amore
Circles Thai
The Pop Shop
Sabrina's Cafe
Bistro DiMarino
L'Oceano - menu here!

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