Collingswood, New Jersey

Restaurant Weeks

2014 Restaurant Weeks:
March 23-28
Farm to Fork: July 20-25
Just Peachy: August 5, 6 & 7
October - The Root of it All: 19-24

Collingswood restaurants celebrate root vegetables - roasted, sauteed, carrots, potatoes, parsnips and other staples of the fall will be the highlight of entrees, sides (and maybe even desserts!) during October's Restaurant Week in Collingswood! RSVP to enjoy muti-course meals prepared by chefs of Collingswood's acclaimed restaurant row. Prix fixe menus for each event posted below as menus send us their specials. See why Collingswood was named one of the best places for foodies here!
Menus of participating restaurants for October's Restaurant Week TBA!

The Root of it All Restaurant Week Participants:

Tortilla Press
Inde Blue
That's Amore
Table 8 Bistro
Bistro Di Marino
Nunzio’s Ristorante Rustico
El Sitio

Available menus to date:

Nunzios_Menu.pdf66.32 KB
That'sAmore_Menu.pdf42.71 KB
IndeBlue_Menu.pdf153.99 KB
TortillaPress_Menu.pdf21.28 KB
VillaBarone_Menu.pdf6.79 KB
BistroDiMarino_Menu.pdf100.41 KB
Indiya_Menu.pdf253.7 KB
Sapori_Menu.pdf71.7 KB
ElSitio_Menu.pdf75.25 KB
Table8Bistro_Menu.pdf150.25 KB
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