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Transit Oriented Development

Below is information on special projects and plans by the Borough of Collingswood.

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Click here to see the South Jersey Magazine article on Collingswood's TOD! Originally printed in South Jersey Magazine Volume 4, Issue 5. Reprinted here with the permission of South Jersey Magazine.

Collingswood/DRPA choose 6 for RFP phase of Transit Village

The Borough of Collingswood and the Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA) have selected six potential developers to move forward in the next phase of the Transit Village Project; a Request for Proposals (RFP).

The six teams selected to submit proposals are Archstone, Dranoff Properties, LCOR Incorporated, Trammel Crow Company, The Commonwealth Group/Ltd & Mid-City Urban, LLC (co-submitters), and Keating Urban Partners/AMC Delancey (co-submitters).

The RFP allows the six potential developers to work with the Borough and DRPA to outline future possibilities and needs for the TOD site centered around the PATCO station in the Borough and submit a development plan for consideration. Selections were made after a series of reviews by both the DRPA and Collingswood. RFPs have been mailed out to the developers and a joint information session will be held to answer questions and define goals for the site and project on January 6.

“This is a project that is being measured in years, not days,” said Collingswood Mayor Jim Maley. “We have a long way to go in determining what will be best for our town and working with the public and a developer to best meet Collingswood’s needs.”

In April 2007, the Collingswood, the Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA) and the Port Authority Transit Corporation (PATCO) announced a partnership to examine the possibilities of transit oriented development (TOD) adjacent to the downtown Collingswood PATCO station.

PATCO President, John J. Matheussen, said, “This proposed development is a win-win for both PATCO and Collingswood. This transit village location is a natural for us since our largest walkup customer base is in Collingswood.”

In 2005 and 2006 Wallace Roberts & Todd, LLC developed a master plan for DRPA/PATCO by to examine the viability of maximizing the agency’s real estate at its six suburban PATCO stations and the Ferry Avenue station in Camden. Research showed Collingswood as an excellent candidate for TOD.

Development will focus on areas along North Atlantic Ave, directly around PATCO’s Collingswood station. Possible development may include more residential and commercial buildings and structured parking. New Jersey Smart Growth initiatives encourage growth on already developed land rather than clearing new areas so work will take place over much of the current PATCO station parking area. Additionally, the project hopes to provide amenities for regular PATCO commuters and residents such as dry cleaning, prepared meals, pharmacies, newsstands, etc. As the project progresses, Collingswood and the DRPA will seek input from residents and businesses to find the right mix for the downtown.

In researching the viability and potential effectiveness of TOD’s at PATCO stations, DRPA/PATCO sought input from the host community’s elected leadership and stakeholders. The objective remains to gauge the community’s interest in developing its PATCO parking lots and to ensure that any development that may occur is consistent with the host community’s development plans. Last spring, DRPA/PATCO and Collingswood gathered public feedback with two TOD community forums and will continue to seek local input as the project advances.

The first phase of Collingswood’s TOD plan, The Lumber Yard condominium project, is a mixed-use redevelopment initiative on Haddon Avenue that includes 119 residential units and 19 commercial units within blocks of the Collingswood PATCO station. The first phase of the project, containing 41 residential and 10 commercial units is completed and all units have been sold with all residential and most retail units occupied. The second phase of the development is under construction and will be ready for occupancy in early 2009. The Wallace Roberts & Todd study shows that residents of a well-designed, new development at transit stations ride transit up to five or six times more often than residents of comparable development located away from transit. Collingswood currently has the most walk-up riders of any PATCO station by double.

The Transit Village Initiative helps to redevelop and revitalize communities around transit facilities to make them an appealing choice for people to live, work and play, increasing walkability, reducing reliance on the automobile, reducing traffic congestion and improving air quality. Details on the Transit Village Project can be found at under the TOD icon.

Visit PATCO here for more information on the TOD project.

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