Hydrant flushing, week of June 15

It's no surprise to anyone that has lived in the area for some time that our yearly hydrant flushing causes a temporary discoloration in water supply due to iron sediment that is brownish, but safe, getting stirred up during the process. Since our spring flushing, we have been continuing to exercise valves.  Valve exercising is a new 2020 requirement by the NJDEP.  Turning valves, many for the first time in 90 years, has caused an increase in brown water you are seeing. During the week of June 15 we will conduct additional flushing to clear out sediment in our older valves.

The Collingswood water plant has recently completed filter upgrades and we can report that iron levels coming out of the treatment plant are extremely low. Iron is not harmful to drink, however, the discolored water will cause stains on clothing. It's our hope that this additional work will resolve the additional buildup you are seeing in the water. Please contact the Collingswood Water Department LINK/### if you encounter any adverse condition with your water.  For more information on hydrant flushing, please watch this video from Capital Water: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTb5POzdd9A