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Eleven Collingswood businesses named BEST OF in South Jersey Magazine

Congrats to the Collingswood businesses named Best in South Jersey Magazine! From sushi pizza to soap - nearly a dozen businesses in town were top picks in 2017. 

South Jersey Magazine 2017 Best of the Best

It’s been a year since we last brought you our annual roundup of the finest things from across South Jersey, and let’s just say we’ve been quite busy. As soon as that list was compiled, we began working on this year’s adaptation, searching all over South Jersey for the finest foods, spectacular shops and much more. We’ll not only tell you where to get that haircut that will have you turning heads, but also where to plan your child’s next birthday extravaganza. And our readers also chimed in, nominating their favorite spots to help make this one extraordinary list that showcases the many reasons why we love calling this place home. By Michelle Boyles, Matt Cosentino, Josephine Cusamano, Liz Hunter, Theodora Malison, Kaytlyn Mroz, Peter Proko and Julie Shannon Select Photography by Alison Dunlap

Dulce Artisanal Pastry
Dulce’s bread is worth enjoying the moment it’s purchased and slipped into a paper bag—as many locals would agree. Loaves, brioches, baguettes and more are baked fresh daily and go quickly, so if you’re looking for their authentic, thin French baguette—baked in the steam oven giving it a crunchy exterior with a fluffy inside—better grab it at 2 p.m. when they’re ready for purchase.
Collingswood, (856) 942-0254,

The Pop Shop
Any establishment that has two full pages dedicated to milkshakes on their menu is a place worth talking about. With three different categories, patrons can choose a Triple Thick Shake in classic varieties like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry or they can be daring and go for one of their Deluxe offerings like the Butterfinger or Girl Scout.
Collingswood, (856) 869-0111;
Medford, (609) 975- 6888,

If you know us, then you know our love affair with pizza. But some days only sushi hits the spot, and this dish combines the best of both worlds. Built on a base of crispy rice and topped with avocado, thinly sliced salmon or tuna and drizzled with a spicy mayo, this pizza is almost too pretty to eat. Almost.
Collingswood, (856) 858-1888,

Nunzio Ristorante Rustico
One of South Jersey’s best chefs, Nunzio Patruno, takes you on a journey across Europe where you’ll learn about different regional cuisines and then learn how to replicate some of his favorite dishes. You can even follow Patruno around the Collingswood Farmers Market as you scour for fresh ingredients and learn the nuances of creating these authentic dishes.
Collingswood, (856) 858-9840,

Sabrina’s Café
Ordering a full stack of pan- cakes at Sabrina’s is a bit of a gift and a curse. The gift is that after you choose between buttermilk or whole wheat cakes topped with powdered sugar and cinnamon, you can load it up with anything from candied walnuts with dried cranberries and apricots to M&M’s. The curse? Trying to finish the plate.
Collingswood, (856) 214-0723,

Arctic Freeze Creamery 
Inspired by a video of Thailand street vendors, the Miller family created Arctic Freeze. With no preservatives, artificial colors or flavoring, Arctic Freeze serves up the freshest rolled ice cream around—on their 25-degree arctic pan—with toppings to boot. 
Collingswood, (856) 858-2847,

Constellation Collective 
This bakery doles out freshly baked buttermilk biscuit sandwiches on a made- to-order basis. Their standard comes with eggs, melted cheese and crispy bacon, but we’ll opt for their fried chicken iteration, which can come with sriracha aioli, a fried egg and homemade pickles. Just be sure you stop by hungry. 
Collingswood, (856) 240-7787,

Chamomile Cottage Soaps & Gifts
There’s a lot to love about this gift shop, which sells their very own soap, bath and body care—handmade right in Collingswood. While each product varies, they incorporate natural and raw ingredients including shea butter, argan oil and soy wax, with additional vegan-friendly and gluten-free products also available.
Collingswood, (856) 477-2414,

Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or looking to change your workout routine, Upcycle caters to all and delivers high-intensity work- outs to get you pumped up and ready to ride. As soon as you get onto the bike, prepare to burn quite a few calories and get ready to sweat.
Collingswood, (856) 477-2724,


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