Collingswood, New Jersey

Second Summer Swim Sale starts August 7

Pool passes half price for the rest of the season!

Collingswood will offer half price pool tags as part of August’s Summer Swim Sale. Starting on August 7, all pool tags for the remainder of the season will be half price for residents and non-residents, families, seniors and children. Tags can be purchased at Borough Hall, Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or at Roberts Pool until 4 p.m.
Day bands are not half price. Roberts Pool season ends on September 4.
Call 856-854-0720 x110 for more information. Full details on Roberts Pool here.

Discount August pool tag rates:

Collingswood Family: $125
Non Collingswood Family: $250
Collingswood Adult: $37.50
Non Collingswood Adult: $75
Collingswood Senior Citizens: $25
Child ages 0-3: No fee
Collingswood Child ages 4-20: $30
Non Collingswood Child ages 4-20: $60
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