Collingswood, New Jersey

Michael Landon plaque and commemorative playground pickets reinstalled at Knight Park

As planned, The Borough of Collingswood reinstalled the original Michael Landon tribute with a new pillar, bench and garden this week. The memorial plaque was placed by the “Little Treehouse on the Prairie” at Knight Park, close to its previous location.

The Borough is also in the final stages of reinstalling and securing some replacement commemorative fence pickets around the new Knight Park playground, just a few hundred yards from the Landon plaque. Several pickets, purchased and personalized by donors as a contribution to the construction of the new park, were damaged by vandals last year. The Borough is currently reconstructing the fence to strengthen it and return the removed pickets back to their location surrounding the toddler section of the playground.

“We’re happy to see both of these tributes returned to the park,” said Collingswood Mayor James Maley. “We appreciate the significance of Michael and the hard work of the playground committee and both memorials will be maintained.”

Landon, a childhood resident of Collingswood and CHS graduate, was honored with a plaque in 1997. The plaque was removed last fall during a park cleanup with plans to return it to a safer location this spring.

”The memorials in both cases are seeing improvements and it’s important that the people that contributed to each can continue to enjoy tributes they worked to build,” said Maley.

Landon’s plaque is now located in the park alongside a bench, to avoid the previous issue as a safety hazard. Labor to install the new plaque pillar was donated by Medusa Concrete.

The new Knight Park Playground was built in 2008 through fundraising and volunteer efforts of the Knight Park Play ground Committee and residents. The committee aimed to create a new, safe, accessible, eco-friendly and low maintenance playground in Knight Park. Work will continue on picket fence until completion.

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