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Going Green! Learn more about recycling EVERYTHING!

Collingswood is taking Mother Earth seriously and believes that we have a responsibility to make the planet, and Collingswood, more green.

Learn more about our Green Festival here!
Learn more about Bike Share Program here!

Composters & Rainbarrels  l  Tree & Bench Dedications | Single Stream recycling (#1, 2, 4, 5, & 7) and how to recycle ANYTHING!

Information on GMOs (genetically modified organisms)
Downloadable Non-GMO Shopping Guide.
GMO Free NJ meets on the 3rd Thursdays at the Collingswood Public Library at 7pm.  
The group provides hard copies of the guide at meetings which are free and open to the public. They also host special events, speakers and film screenings. They state their emphasis “is on self education and taking action in an optimistic way in the home and community.” They also focus on GMO labeling legislation in New Jersey.

Composting and rainbarrel program
The Borough is sponsors subsidized Earth Machine compost bins for just $25 (retailed at $80) and rainbarrel for $45 each year at the Green Festival. Interested families, homes, businesses and even apartment complexes should contact Borough Hall at 856-854-0720 x120.

So, you’ve picked up your fancy, schmansy compost bin, but where do you begin? Check out the Earth Machine page here or see the composter booklet below in the attachments section.

Volunteers needed!
Those trees in Knight Park don’t prune themselves, you know!
Volunteers are needed to keep the park in tip top shape! Get involved by helping plant trees, restoring the pavillion and mainting the green spaces in our community. Even one weekend is enough to contribute a lot. To get on board email Commissioner Mike Hall or call Commissioner Joan Leonard at 856-858-4545.

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Show your dedication
A tree and bench in Knight Park can be bought together for $600 to honor someone you love or just bring some new life to Collingswood. Trees and benches are not only a tribute but also lend a hand in the current effort to restore Knight Park to all its glory. Call Commissioner Joan Leonard at 856-858-4545 to learn more about dedications.

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Just about everything in your home can be recycled.
Use the resources below to learn where to take your trash before putting it in a landfill.

Don’t trash it! There’s more that can be recycled locally than you might know.

Green is healthy… Find out about the things in your daily life on which you can have a healthy impact - water, renovations, home air quality, etc.

The green scene… If you’re reading this, you probably already care about our environment. So why not spread the sentiment?

Don’t trash it!
Marking another eco-milestone, Collingswood recycles rigid plastics #1, #2, #4, #5 & #7 curbside - single stream!

This means you can recycle spice bottles, clamshell type packages for items like light bulbs, cottage cheese containers, even children’s toys and MUCH MORE at your curb mixed with all recyclables. No caps and no bags are accepted curbside but most . Bags and other material are accepted at most grocery store Hilex Poly stations. Learn more about Hilex Poly here.

CFLs, aka compact fluorescent light bulbs, may use less energy, but they contain mercury and should be recycled. Learn more at Local Home Depot stores accept used CFLs.

Paint, chemicals, pesticides, fuels (not motor oil!) and more are collected by Camden County in Collingswood on water collection day each spring To learn more, visit or call Camden County at 856-858-5241. Motor oil is collected by the Collingswood Department of Public Works garage, 713 North Atlantic Avenue near the PATCO high speed line.

Cell phones and inkjet cartridges can be brought to the Collingswood Public Library, 771 Haddon Avenue. Benefits go to the Collingswood Public Schools. Also, check out Cell Phone Bank, which provides a postage-free way to send in old phones that benefits nation-wide victim services organizations. 

Eyeglasses are collected by the Lions Club International. There’s a drop-off box in front of the fire department on Collings Avenue.

Excessive catalogs and mailings can be stopped by registering at Catalog Choice at

Find out where to recycle almost anything at lists over 100,000 recycling locations across the country.

Green is healthy…
Water filters not only remove unhealthy chemicals and contaminants from the water we use at home but they also enable us to use less plastic.
Learn about: Drinking water filters here. And whole house filters here.

Green living – Learn more from the NSF (formerly the National Sanitation Foundation) an independent organization that develops standards for public health, safety, and protection of the environment. See their drinking water fact kit here and their green living fact kit here.

Green renovations - Explore the green renovation of a 1915 California Craftsman home in this video with David Gottfried, founder of the US Green Building Council.

Detox your home; diapers, etc. - Go green room-by-room by watching a series of short videos from the Planet Green Website here. There’s lots more videos about similar subjects on this site. Green Cupboards provides resources for certified environmentally safe household products.

Protect neighborhood health - Free our homes and neighborhoods of toxic pesticides. Visit the Beyond Pesticides Website for healthy alternatives for dealing with pests and insects.

Air quality; avoid radon - The Citizen’s Guide to Radon is an EPA publication to help identify the potential threat of radon in our homes, and to explore testing procedures and remedies. Download PDF file below.

The green scene…
How green are you? Calculate your carbon impact here. 

“The Story of Stuff” - a very popular, fast 20-minute look at the underside of our production, consumption, and disposal patterns. 

The Grist Website - Environmental news & commentary with a wry twist. Grist says, “You know how some people make lemonade out of lemons? At Grist, we're making lemonade out of looming climate apocalypse.” 

Planet Green - Share this series of short videos about going green. Check out their Home and Garden Webpages here.

No excuses energy conservation - Energy conservation tips. Most are easy and a cheap way to join the green movement

Reduce energy consumption and costs.  The Consumer Conservation Handbook is a publication of the New Jersey Department of the Public Advocate Division of Rate Counsel. Download the PDF file below.
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