Staff Directory

Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Administration James Maley Mayor (856)-854-0720
Administration Joan Leonard Commissioner (854)-854-0720
Administration Rob Lewandowski Commissioner (856)-854-0720
Borough Keith Hastings Administrator (856)-854-0720
Borough Holly Mannel Clerk (856)-854-0720
Fire Keith Davis Chief (856)-854-7447
Police Kevin Carey Chief (856)-854-1901
Tax Kathy McCarthy Collector (856)-854-0720
Tax Anita Schoeffling Clerk (856)-854-0720
Tax William Giordano Clerk (856)-854-0720
Borough Rebecca Callaway Treasurer rcallaway@collingswoodcom._ (856)-854-0720
Elizabeth Pigliacelli Chief Financial Officer (856)-854-0720
Construction Bill Fisher Code Official (856)-854-0720
Water Steve DiOrio Assistant Superintendent (856)-854-2332
Municipal Carol Staszewski Court (856)-854-7535
Library Carissa Schanley Director (856)-858-0649
Borough Carol Sickler Administrative Secretary (856)-854-0720
Recreation Bobby Rodriquez Director (856)-854-5096
Property Maintenance Dan Kerr Inspector (856)-665-0774
Foundation of the Arts Jerry Chambers Director (856)-858-1000
Senior Community Center Madalyn Deets Director (856)-854-4440
Community Development Cassandra Duffey Director (856)-854-0720
Construction Michelle Fareri Technical Assistant (856)-854-0720
Tax John A. Dymond Assessor (856)-854-0720
Collingswood Partners/ BID Terry Seeley (856)-854-0720
Public Works Garage / Office (856)-858-0533
Animal Control (856)-718-0305