Zoning & Planning/Permits

Zoning & Planning

Zoning Officer Gretchen Kolecki
Email: zoning@collingswood.com
Phone: 856-854-0720 x130

For the Borough of Collingswood Zoning Map click here
For a complete listing of the Borough Code click here
If you have questions about starting a business, see our Business Resources page, which includes links to the NJ Business Action Center.

What should I call the Zoning Office for?
You should call the Zoning Office if:
-You’re opening a new business.
-You're changing your business.
-Your business needs a new sign.
-You're subdividing your property.
-You’re putting in a new fence or repairing your fence.
-You’re widening your driveway or adding a patio.
-You’re putting an addition on your home.
-You’re adding a dormer to your second floor.
-You’re adding a deck or porch to your home.
-You’re putting in new windows or doors.
-You are in the historic district and your changing the outside of your home (does not include painting).

Zoning Ordinance: Who needs zoning approval?
This is a common question. If you are changing the use or if you are making an improvement to your property you need a Zoning Permit which can be found on the forms page here. When in doubt, please call the Zoning Officer at 856-854-0720 x130.
All applications must include a survey.
All property surveys must be less than 10 years old and the original scaled size.

The present Zoning Ordinance for Collingswood, NJ was adopted in 1990 and has been continually updated as new ordinances and amendments have been passed. The Zoning Ordinance is also known as the Development Regulations and is found in the Code of Collingswood in Chapter 141.

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding both construction and zoning is whether or not a resident needs approval before beginning any type of construction. Whether a resident changes the use or makes an improvement to the property, chances are they will need a permit to legally begin construction.

Both the Zoning and Construction Offices are located in the Collingswood Borough Hall at 678 Haddon Avenue. For information regarding the zoning laws of Collingswood, please contact the Zoning Officer  at 856-854-0720 x130.

Planning Board of Adjustment

The Planning Board of Adjustments consist of seven voting members and two alternates. It is a board of Collingswood residents who volunteer their time to serve the Borough and its citizens. The Planning Board has jurisdiction in the following areas:

• All applications seeking a use not permitted in a zone
• Requests for interpretation of the Zoning Ordinance
• Certification of a prior non-conforming use
• Appeals from decisions of the Zoning Officer in connection with the Zoning Ordinance.
• Bulk variances, site plan approval and subdivisions, if associated with a use variance
• Residential bulk variances
• Applications for minor and major site plans.
• Applications for minor and major subdivisions.
• Applications for conditional uses.
• Applications for change of use.
• Bulk variances for signs (with site plan waiver).
• All bulk ("C") variances in conjunction with subdivisions, site plans
or conditional use applications.

The Planning Board meets at 7pm on the fourth Monday of each month in the Municipal Building. For more information on meetings please call 856-854-0720 x125.

1. Ch. 141 Schedule of District Regulations
7. Application Sign Application Temp
8. Application Sign Facade
9. Application Sign Freestanding
10. Zoning Permit Application Form
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