Sustainable Collingswood

Composting and Rain Barrels 

  • Composters - A great way to recycle scraps and enrich your garden is to start composting at home with one of our discounted composters. 
  • Rain Barrels- When it rains, stormwater carries pollutants, fertilizers, and other harmful substances into our local waterways causing problems for people, fish, and wildlife. Rain barrels capture that water on your property which can then be used for other purposes like watering your garden. You can help the environment and save on your water bill-it's a win-win! Learn more about stormwater

Eat and Shop NJ Fresh: Shopping at local farms is a sustainable way to get healthy. The Collingswood Farmers' Market has a variety of farmers and other local products and is open for walk-up business every Saturday through November. 

Get Out and Ride: Biking is more popular than ever as people look for opportunities to get out and enjoy the outdoors. You can rent a bike for just $25 per year-what a deal! The Collingswood Bike Share is open every Saturday  beginning in May from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. 

Plant Trees: Does your neighborhood have enough trees? You can be a block captain and get your block's green up with shade trees through the Collingswood Shade Tree program. Email for more information about shade trees or to become a block captain or volunteer.

Sustainable Collingswood hosts a variety of green education events and educational programs. Learn to build your own wildlife habitat garden, reduce light pollution, keep our waterways clean, plant trees and prevent damage from the Spotted Laternfly, and more. Follow the Sustainable Collingswood Blog or the Green Team Facebook Page for event updates and ways to be more sustainable in everyday living. 

Get Involved: Want to get help to create a more Sustainable Collingswood and fight climate change? We are always looking for residents and businesses to join our team. Join us for an upcoming meeting and learn more about Collingswood's environmental initiatives. Email for more information.