Water (lead) Service Line Reporting

Water (lead) Service Line Reporting

See the service line inventory in our documents section here:

Lead service line notification - sample letter

The Collingswood Water Department is planning to replace lead service lines in customers’ homes in compliance with updated New Jersey state requirements. The first step is identifying all lead service lines in the Borough and to do this Collingswood water staff is asking everyone to help. All you have to do is take a picture!

To identify and record all residential service lines we’re asking that residents submit a photo of the area where your service line connects to your water meter as pictured below. You can find this area by going to the interior front wall of your basement.* Look for a one-inch metal pipe coming in through the front wall of your basement. Take a photo of the pipe where it comes through the wall up to and including where it connects with the small, black water meter. With this photo, the Water Department staff can identify and record your line.

Lead service line sample image

*Most lines are located on the interior front wall of your basement. If you cannot locate your line, email water staff at water@collingswood.com and they will help you locate and record your line. PSE&G gas lines are also often located on the interior front wall of basements, be sure you are photographing your water line!

Then upload your photo through the google form found here 

https://forms.gle/wnCRgr9392h29iFcA or email your picture to water@collingswood.com.

You will see door hanger notices and information sent about this project over the coming months. Find more details on lead service pipe replacement on Collingswood.com. Having a complete record of our service lines is crucial to this project, help from residents in supplying service lines is key. Please contact the Collingswood Water Department with questions at 856-854-2332 or email sdiorio@collingswood.com.

Thank you for your help in maintaining the Borough's water infrastructure!
Collingswood has spent the last five years making significant upgrades to our water system and several more are planned as part of state requirements and planned infrastructure improvements. Here’s an overview.

Your Water at Work
Collingswood's service area covers approximately 50 linear miles of water mains and serves approximately 21,000 people. The Borough of Collingswood complies with all of the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities meter testing regulations and has made several water system improvements in recent years including:

•    Installation of temporary charcoal filters in the Comly Ave plant to comply with new DEP quality standards.

•    Plans for a new, permanent water plant on Comly Ave capable of exceeding rigorous state water standards.

•    Construction of a new well along the Cooper River to improve overall water quality.

•    Replacing outdated water lines throughout the Borough as part of the WQAA and planned infrastructure improvements