Cruise Night


We wrapped up the 15th season on a beautiful evening. No Relation Band rocked at the Clock!
As always, big thanks to Parke Bank for sponsoring our Awards!

October 2021 Winners:
1970 Cutlass (Abersold)
1965 Chevy Nova SS (Castorino)
1976 Mark IV (DiGiovanni)
1938 Buick (Engel)
1970 GTX (Hann)
1937 Chevy (Hinkle)
1937 Ford (Lewis)
1960 Chevy Corvette (McLaughlin)
1969 Cougar (Tessing)
1970 Mustang (Tessing)


Make an evening of it! Join us on Haddon Avenue, stroll the line of cars and motorcycles to the sounds of live music. Enjoy shopping at our diverse businesses.  Collingswood’s renowned restaurant row offers everything from burgers and pizza to gourmet dining – have dinner while in town! 

Haddon Avenue comes alive with the region’s hottest antique, classic and custom cars and motorcycles. Enter your vehicle to win one of the monthly prizes. As always, there will be live music provided by No Relation Band, Full Blown Cherry and Coyote Jack Band.

Each monthly event requires registration either by mail or in person (once you attend during a season, your dash card will be ready for you in the following months.  No need to complete another form!). There is a monthly registration fee of $5 (cash or check payable to Collingswood Partners) – but since we’re celebrating, registration for June is FREE!  Registration is at the Collingswood Senior Community Center, 30 W. Collings Avenue, Collingswood, NJ  08108.  Registration opens at 4:45pm and closes at 6:30pm.

One very important note – please respect the business owners; they’re trying to run a business.  Please clean up your trash and refrain from smoking directly in front of the businesses.  Fail to comply and the police may ask you to move.  If we receive too much negative feedback, it may jeopardize our event.  I thank you in advance for your cooperation. 

Also, masks will be required and social distancing encouraged.

Join fellow car enthusiasts, share some conversation, enjoy some good food and see some great cars!


Thank you to Summit Racing, CarGuyGarage, Eaton Springs , Year OneMeguiars and Mothers Car Care for their continuing support of our event.

Also, a big shout out to Paul's Custom Awards and Trophies for fabulous awards month after month.

And, as always, a huge thank you to our presenting sponsor Parke Bank. They're the folks who make the event happen.

A note on inclement weather: We apologize for canceling Cruise Night in the case of rain. The decision to hold or cancel the event must be made by 1pm on the day of the event in order for Public Works and the Police Department to prepare.  Attendance is also drastically reduced when rain is even threatened because car owners will often not drive on wet streets or if they believe their car may get wet during the evening. It is not an easy call to make, sometimes the weather changes, but it has to be called early.

You can always confirm that the event is on or off by checking and clicking on the Cruise Night tile or calling 856-858-9275 for a recorded message.

You can download the registration form HERE