Bike Share


Collingswood's Bike Share is a program designed to recycle bicycles no longer in use and provide an affordable option for borough residents to obtain bikes. The bikes come from donations and unclaimed property from the police department.  Each bike or "green machine" is painted bright green, so they are easy to identify as a Collingswood Bike Share vehicle.

The program is sponsored by the borough and operated by volunteer mechanics who donate time to restore and paint bikes, giving them a second life with a new user!  The program aims to promote recycling, while also encouraging healthy living, accessibility, and the reduction of emissions and the cost of transportation. We also encourage residents to have fun exploring Collingswood and beyond on the bikes as well! 

The mission of the Collingswood Bike Share is to provide an opportunity to the community to ride a bike instead of starting up an engine through the repair of discarded or donated bikes. It’s all about reducing our carbon footprint and the mission to recycle a bicycle!

The program operates like a library, in which residents borrow a bike and then return it to the Bike Share when done using it. Borrowing can be for a short or an extended period of time - as long as the participant continues to ride. The bike is taken home and used like a personally owned bike, with a few regulations of the program. 

Collingswood Bike Share, under the Department of Recreation of the Borough of Collingswood, owns, maintains, and manages the bikes. Participants in bike share must follow bike safety standards and must use a lock. To ensure everyone that wants to ride has a chance we ask that you use the bike! When you are not using it, you may bring it back to share your bike with other members of the community. You could also bring your bike back into the program if you are going to be away or on vacation.


  • All participants will be required to sign an agreement and liability waiver by the Borough of Collingswood Department of Recreation before receiving a bike.
  • Participants under 18 need a parent’s signature.
  • All participants are asked to use a helmet, to secure the bike with a lock and must follow bike safety guidelines.
  • In order for the bikes to be in good working order, participants are asked to bring the bike in for a tune up if any problems are noted. Additionally, we ask that every bike is brought into the bike share office/garage once every two months for a “checkup” at our clinic. 

Location & Hours 
Find us every Saturday morning during the Collingswood Farmers' Market (May until the Saturday before Thanksgiving), 8 am to 12 pm or Tuesday evenings, from 5 to 8 pm at the garage between the Community Center and the Department of Public Works garage.  During the off-season, Bikeshare is available on an appointment basis (December through April).

Just $25 per year to join the program for a green machine! This includes using a bike for an extended period, or different bikes on many different occasions, or trading in to receive a different bike as available.

You can now make your annual membership payment online here.

There is no charge for regular volunteer mechanics of the program, but donations are accepted and appreciated.

For current updates on hours, bikes and events, check out the Bike Share Facebook Page 

For information, email