Roberts Pool

For Roberts Pool updates, announcements, & closures text "ROBERT" to 888777 to sign up for text and/or email alerts.

Pool tags will be available at Borough Hall weekdays from 12noon to 4pm beginning on Tuesday, May 28, 2024. Tags will also be available at Roberts Pool daily and weekends from 12noon to 4pm.

Non-Collingswood residents must purchase with cash with proper ID and proof of dependency. Collingswood residents may pay by cash or by check with proper ID (license, tax bill, etc.). When purchasing a family or dependent tag, you must show proof of dependency for each child with proper ID (school report card, insurance card, etc.). Please note: leases will no longer be accepted as a form of ID.

Memberships are open to residents and non-residents.

Guest packs are available to Collingswood residents only. Guests must attend WITH a member on the day of the member's visit.  Guest packs are sold 5 for $30 and do not expire.

Day Bands: Roberts Pool will limit the sale of Day Bands to 150 bands per day. The safety of Roberts Pool guests is the Borough's top priority. This limitation ensures the pool has adequate staff available to meet the needs of all members and visitors. Day band sales end one hour before close of pool.

Cost: Collingswood Resident, $15 per person, cash only
          Non-Collingswood Resident, $30 per person, cash only
          Children age 2 and under are free. (Please note: guests of any age count toward daily guest pass limit)

- Weekends: June 1 & 2, June 8 & 9, June 15 & 16
- Season: June 19th – September 2nd
- Starting August 15th - Pool will close 1 hour earlier than times listed above.

-11:30am to 8pm, Mon-Sat
-11:30am to 7pm, Sundays

Collingswood Family: $300
Non-Collingswood Family: $600
Collingswood Adult: $100
Non-Collingswood Adult: $200
Collingswood Senior Citizens (65+): $75
Non-Collingswood Senior Citizen (65+): $150
Collingswood Child aged 2 and under: No fee
Collingswood Child ages 3-20: $75
Non-Collingswood Child 3-20: $150

Please note: Children 11 years of age and under must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or competent person of at least 16 years of age.

Reminder: Roberts Pool guests and members must follow all parking regulations when visiting. Violators will be ticketed.

Early Morning Swim: Roberts Pool is open Monday through Friday during the summer season 6 am to 8 am for adults and senior citizens. Must have membership for entrance. 

Toddler Swim Time: 10:30-11:30am, Tuesdays/Thursdays/Sundays: Parents/caretakers and children five and under can enjoy the toddler pool (no access to other pools) at Roberts Pool mornings before regular swim. Must have membership for entrance.

Senior Swim/high-risk swim: 10:30am - 11:30am daily, Roberts Pool is open early to seniors and high-risk individuals only. Must have membership for entrance. Times change after August.

Adult Swim will take place in the full pool 4:30-5:00pm.
Designated swim lane will be roped off at all other times.

1. Children 11 years of age and under must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or competent person of at least 16 years of age.
2. Admission to the pool may be denied for any of the following reasons:
          A. Intoxication.
          B. Evidence of contagious disease.
          C. Excessively brief or revealing swimsuits.
          D. Any condition or evidence, which in the opinion of the manager will jeopardize the health and safety of the general public.
          E. Sharing of pool tags is strictly prohibited.  Pool tags that are used by someone other than the tag holder will be confiscated and held by the pool manager.
3. Abusive or profane language will not be permitted.
4. There must be no running, jumping, scuffling, or rough play inside the pool area. There will be no rough play permitted in the water, i.e., dunking, riding shoulders, etc.
5. Mistreatment or abuse of public property will not be permitted.
6. Pool managers may eject persons from the pool area for cause. In serious cases of misconduct, the Parks & Recreation office or the Collingswood Police Department should be called.  In cases involving small children the parents shall be called.
7. Smoking and/or vaping is not permitted inside the pool area.
8. The pool manager or lifeguard may close the entire pool complex, or any portions of the pool complex for any safety maintenance reason.
9. Alcoholic beverages ARE NOT permitted inside the pool area.
10. Persons suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol shall be prohibited from entering the water.
11. All children in diapers must wear snug fitting swim diapers only. Regular diapers will not be   permitted in any of the pools.
12. Children should be encouraged to use the restroom before entering the water.  Immediately report any “accidents” you observe in the bathing waters to a lifeguard.
13. All children must be accompanied by an adult in the baby pool area.